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Integrated Land Management Plan
Parcel Index
These are the land parcels that are part of the ILMP. Select a parcel from the list below or from the map at right.

1. North Parcel West A
2. North Parcel West B
3. North Parcel East A
4. North Parcel East B
5. South Parcel
6. Gibsonton Drive
7. Archie Creek Restoration
8. Stack Buffer Protection Plan
9. Bayside Shoreline
10. Bird Island
11. Progress Village Community Garden
12. South Parcel Environmental Education Center
13. Buckhorn Springs
14. Lithia Springs
15. River Grove
16. Kitchen Beach Park
17. Giants Camp Shoreline Restoration
18. Hillsborough County Greenway

Parcel Index Map. Select a parcel.
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