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2019 Project Schedule

Restoration Review Agency (RRA) MeetingScheduled Upon Request
Exotic Species Control Schedule 
Spring 2019 Treated February 2019. Began treatment in AC-W treating parrot feather/Peruvian primrosewillow, worked along the creek AC-S, into AC-SMA-1, moved into AC-NC, generally concentrating on areas along the creek with parrot feather and all other exotics. Worked our way towards AC-NMA were we also treated all exotics.
Summer 2019 Tentative treatment beginning mid-May 2019. Intensive treatment of woody shrubs and thinning out of palms along north edge of Archie Creek working our way north. Clearing it as we did on the south fringe making it visible for monitoring.
Fall 2019 Tentative treatment beginning mid-August 2019 Intensive treatment of uplands, all woody (exotics) and re-sprouting/seedlings of Brazilian peppers. Starting at north parcel East A and working towards North parcel West A.
Winter 2019 Tentative treatment beginning mid-November 2019. Continuing Intensive treatment of upland areas in North parcel West A focusing on all exotic species. We will continue to work our way south towards North Parcel West B. Once completed, treatment will begin in SB parcels for upland exotic species.
Restoration Monitoring Photo DocumentationMarch 2019
Monitoring Data Upload/Website UpdateApril 2019
Restoration Area Groundwater MonitoringCompleted
Draft Annual ReportApril 30, 2019
Draft Annual Report Agency ReviewMay-June 2019
Annual ReportJune 30, 2019
Restoration Review Agency MeetingScheduled Upon Request

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