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Integrated Land Management Plan

Over the past nineteen years, Mosaic has embarked upon an ambitious restoration initiative which includes an extensive exotics/nuisance plant removal program, planting of native species and periodic prescribed burns on its Riverview properties. Mosaic is continuing the Integrated Land Management Program (ILMP) created as part of the Riverview phosphogypsum stack extension project.

The ILMP is provided as part of the natural resource permitting approval process and is consistent with the Development Order Conditions and all Environmental Resource Permit requirements. This website,, and it's predecessor website,, was initiated in 2000 and provides summaries of Restoration Reviewing Agency meetings, results of on-going maintenance and monitoring, and serves as a repository of related documents, as well as a mechanism for sharing information regarding Mosaic's restoration and adaptive management efforts.

The objective of the ILMP is to recreate, to the extent practical and feasible, the ecological conditions that will sustain the natural functions of the area. The majority of this effort will be to re-establish native plant communities similar to those found in relatively undisturbed natural areas. In addition, efforts will be made to encourage colonization and utilization of the designated restoration areas by maintaining wildlife habitats for an assemblage of native wildlife similar to that known to exist in natural habitats in the region.

ILMP Program Modifications Notice

As a result of completion of, or compliance with, various Development Order requirements and/or provisions of the environmental resource permits, certain requirements are no longer applicable. A review of these changes are discussed in the Program Modifications Notice.

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